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Slippery Rock Township derives its name from Slippery Rock Creek, which flows in a westerly direction through its territory. Slippery Rock Township is located along the northwest border of Butler County, with Mercer and Lawrence counties to the northwest.

The township surrounds the borough of Slippery Rock but is separate from it. Slippery Rock University straddles the border between the township and the borough. The unincorporated community of Doughertys Mills is in the southern part of the township, along Slippery Rock Creek, and Branchton is near the township's easter border.

The Township borders the following neighboring township’s: Mercer, Marion, Cherry, Clay, Brady and Worth.
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The Slippery Rock Township Board of Supervisors welcome residents to attend all public meetings. Your input, participations and opinions are important.  Thank You.

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Slippery Rock Township Notices and Events are ongoing. Please check often as they are added throughout the year. You may also check to see if notices and events have been altered or cancelled. Thank You.

SRT Recycling:

Slippery Rock Township recycles Paper / Plastic / Glass

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